Gaza farmers encounter mosaic floors from the Byzantine era

Gaza farmers encounter mosaic floors from the Byzantine era

GAZA: A site decorated with mosaic floors from the Byzantine era was discovered by accident when a Palestinian farmer dug up the soil to plant new trees in his field.

Reuters reported that the mosaic floor showed variations of bird and other animal motifs in various colors that were still in good condition for its age.

Salman al-Nabahin discovered the surprise six months ago while working in his olive grove in the Bureij refugee camp, about one kilometer from the Israeli border.

At first, Salman was puzzled because some of his tree trunks could not grow well, believed to be due to the underdeveloped roots. He decided to dig and plow the land with his son. Until one incident, the earth digging tool used by his son hit a hard ‘object’.

“I made a reference on the Internet. We found that the mosaic floor is from the Byzantine era. I consider it a valuable treasure discovery, or more than that. This is not private property. This belongs to all Palestinians,” said the father of seven children.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine said that the floor consists of several mosaic panels with animal motifs and depictions of social life in the Byzantine period.

“This archaeological discovery is still in its initial phase and we are still studying its secrets and civilizational value.
“The national research team is now working in collaboration with international experts and scientists from the French Faculty of Archaeology,” the ministry said in a statement.

Gaza is indeed rich in antiquities, since it was an important trading area since the time of ancient Egypt and Palestine as mentioned in the Bible. The era also witnessed the Roman empire and the Crusades.

Several other historic discoveries have been reported before. But due to the lack of funds and relevant professionals, Gaza usually invites international groups to help with the excavation and conservation process.

source – Astro Awani

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