Gambling premise: ‘If I get even RM400 million, I will close it too’ – Sanusi

Gambling premise: ‘If I get even RM400 million, I will close it too’ – Sanusi

ALOR SETAR: Kedah Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor insisted that his party will stand by its position to stop the operation of gambling and lottery premises throughout the state even if it generates millions of ringgit in revenue.

In this regard, he informed that the Kedah state government was not at all affected by the decision since the sector only contributed about RM400,000 in income per year in terms of taxes, advertising boards and several other matters.

He explained that the state government has not suffered any loss since the enforcement of the decision and will not respond to any pressure or objection to review the move.

“I see that in 2021, the total income to the government to the Local Authorities (PBT) and the state government, gambling premises will be around RM400,000 a year only. If it’s even RM400 million I want to stop too, here’s RM400,000 (only), it’s fine stop.

“This is because his effect is bad, he wants to repair (repair) society, family members who are scattered because (a) father is a gambler, comes back to beat (beat) mother, child, sells property, steals money, because he is crazy about gambling, (it) is worse of the RM400,000, his damage, if I stop even RM400 million , there is no benefit, the community will be safe… God willing,” said Sanusi at a press conference after chairing the Kedah State Government Exco Weekly Meeting at Wisma Darul Aman on Wednesday .

In the meantime, he hoped that the decision made would be blessed and that the state of Kedah would always be blessed with various other results.

“There is no one who becomes rich because of gambling, there is no (direct), (only) gambling ‘toasts’ are rich, gambling poo, number stab poo, the shaman who composes numbers until the (paper) is scattered, no one is rich, everyone is poor,” he stressed.

In the same development, the Menteri Besar Kesah also hopes that the authorities and responsible agencies can play their respective roles in dealing with problems involving the illegal operation of gambling and lottery premises.

The public is also asked to participate in helping the efforts made by the state government by channeling relevant information to the authorities.

Regarding online gambling activities, Muhammad Sanusi stated that the relevant parties or agencies under the Federal Government need to take appropriate action to overcome the problem considering that it is not under the jurisdiction of the state government.

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