Furch Ends Production of Semi-Solid Guitars

Furch Ends Production of Semi-Solid Guitars

Furch Guitars (Furch), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium-quality acoustic guitars, ends the production of its semi-solid instruments. This is a flow-on result from the technological progress and related quality increase of production. The current Indigo and Violet series will be replaced with the solid Violet SM model.

In the past two years, Furch has been actively investing into state-of-the-art technologies that help improve some of its production procedures and thus achieve a higher production capacity and instrument quality at the same time. The company responded to the series of challenges manifesting in growing demand and insufficient workforce due to the recent pandemic. The gradual optimization of the technologies also allowed the company to manufacture selected solid guitars at the cost of semi-solid instruments. Therefore, Furch has decided to end its production of layered mahogany guitars in respect of the future direction of the brand.

“Our mission is to design and produce instruments that allow everyone to fully express their potential for musical creativity and performance. To achieve that and to continue to increase the quality, we must continue pushing our production forward and modern technologies are definitely very helpful in this area”, says Petr Furch, CEO of Furch Guitars.

“The technologies we are building and using at Furch are primarily designed for solid instruments that have represented more than 80% of our production until now. We have achieved a lot of success thanks to their implementation, such as more precise voicing of soundboards or a better surface finish, which also have a positive effect on the guitar sound”, says Petr Furch. “In terms of our internal development and the massive inflation that the world has otherwise been facing, we have even found ourselves in a situation where the production of semi-solid guitars was more expensive than the production of solid instruments. That’s how effective the proper use of modern technologies in the production of guitars can be”.

The end of semi-solid guitar production will affect the Indigo Series and Violet Series. While the Indigo Series will completely end, Violet guitars will be replaced with the solid Violet SM model.

Violet SM – All grown-up

The Violet SM represents the best in its price category, both in terms of its original Furch sound and workmanship quality. The soundboard is made of Sitka spruce, the acoustic properties of which are further enhanced by the innovative voicing process, applied individually to each instrument. The back and sides are from African mahogany. This combination gives the guitar a perfectly balanced sound with clean pitch, warm bass and long-lasting sustain. It is an ideal instrument for delicate finger styles, as well as the more aggressive flatpicking or strumming.

The neck is equipped with the patented Furch CNR System that improves the ability to finely set neck bending and also provides a long-lasting setting stability.

The stylish natural look of the guitar is emphasised with a series of dark decorative details together with the ultra-thin 70-micron UV Open-Pore Finish that leaves the deep wood pore open. The Violet SM guitar is available in the dreadnought and grand auditorium with cutaway.

The Violet series also includes the Violet Master’s Choice Gc-SM model, complemented with the LR Baggs Stagepro Element pickup.


Furch started the internal orders for its distribution and dealership network at the end of the previous year. The new Violet models are now being introduced to dealers all over the world. Contact any authorised Furch dealer to view or order the instruments.

About Furch Guitars

Founded in 1981, Furch Guitars (Furch) has worked its way up to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of all-solid-wood acoustic guitars and acoustic bass guitars. The company’s production complex and head office are located in Velke Nemcice near Brno, Czech Republic. Furch instruments combine the company’s extensive know-how in building handmade guitars with state-of-the-art technologies, production processes, and proprietary innovations. Thanks to that, the company is able to bring to the market premium-quality musical instruments with outstanding acoustic properties and excellent design parameters. Covered by a three-year warranty, Furch guitars are sold in 32 countries on five continents. Furch employs over 60 luthiers and craftsmen and makes more than 8,000 instruments annually. Furch guitars are the preferred choice of such artists as Al di Meola, Suzanne Vega, Per Gessle, Glen Hansard, and Calum Graham. For additional information, visit www.furchguitars.com.

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