From Jazz World To Reality TV All Together Now Malaysia 2021

From Jazz World To Reality TV All Together Now Malaysia 2021

Kuala Lumpur – Khairun Daud’s name may be a bit foreign and unknown perhaps for local jazz music fans but Kirana Kay’s name is no longer unfamiliar to jazz music fans, especially in the capital.

Kirana Kay, a jazz singer who often performs in No Black Tie, Jaotim, Alexis and often performs on international stage at the World Youth Jazz Festival (WYJF) Kuala Lumpur and Pekanbaru Bono Jazz Festival is not a foreign name for jazz music fans. Kirana, who is more comfortable with jazz rhythms, is now taking up a new challenge by participating in the All Together Now Malaysia 2021 reality show as one of the new face participants.

According to Kirana, the reality TV program shown on Astro Ria channel 104 really challenged her ability in singing because she had to present songs in different genres which is the first reality TV program she participated in five years ago after Bintang Klasik RTM which accompanied by him.

“I am grateful and happy with the opportunity given by Astro and All Together Now to me to continue to develop my singing talent and indirectly give a new spirit to face the world of entertainment after Covid-19 which is full of challenges” said Kirana again.

With one more episode left as the final episode from the previous 9 episodes which involved more than 200 participants who competed previously, only 18 participants were lucky enough to be selected to advance to the final on Sunday next week. Together we are waiting for who will be crowned as the Champion of All Together Now 2021 later.

-joy rezel/faizal mohamed

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