Fret-King launch new website to coincide with the new 2023 Collection of electric guitars and basses

Fret-King launch new website to coincide with the new 2023 Collection of electric guitars and basses

The new Fret-King 2023 Collection brings together over five decades of skill and experience in understanding what works and translates emotion into instruments which speak with a voice.

Often referred to as the guitarist’s guitar, Fret-King electric guitars and basses are crafted from the finest materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail, by skilled luthiers, who themselves have a passion for superior construction, playability, exceptional tone and sonic versatility of the highest calibre.

New models within the Fret-King 2023 Collection include the Corona Series Classic and Custom, the Country Squire™ Series Classic, Modern Classic™, Semitone De Luxe™, Tone Meister™, Music Row™ and Stealth, along with the Eclat™ Series Standard and Custom, the Elise™ Series Custom hard tail and vintage vibrato models and Perception™ Custom 4 and 5 string basses.

With 360 degree spins, hi-res images, in-depth tonewood-hardware and pickup information and individual video demonstrations by Fret-King Signature Artist Paul Rose, one of the most unique and talented guitarists in the world today, the new Fret-King website with its clean appearance and clear navigation, offers a whole new experience for selecting a guitar online.

The videos themselves offer a crystal clear, in depth sonic insight to 14 new custom unique pickups designed for Fret-King by Trev Wilkinson, featuring innovative, unique wiring and switching arrangements that offer maximum performance, versatility and an almost limitless range of amazingly useable voices.

The aptly named Soapstack™ for example, with its hybrid Alnico V and Ceramic magnet stacked twin coil design, the Focusfield™ mini double coil, the Fifty-Five™ double coil wound and constructed to a very authentic recipe, the high output Staggertwin™, the over-wound Prizefighter™, the Dallas Special™ hot single coil, and the Vintage Sixty™ emulating the golden era of the single coil.

Highly regarded by musicians around the world, Fret-King with its unrivalled customer support, is a guitar brand that needs little introduction. Since 1993 they have been listening to guitarist’s requests of all stripes, from the internationally renowned and famous, to the ‘journeymen’ players, to the local heroes.

Listening to the design community, the press, peers and competitors, whilst incorporating real-world experience and the need for innovative, elegant, player focussed designs endowed with eminently useable features, superb playability, expanded tonal palettes with a signature edge, bringing a fresh twist to the electric guitar and bass world, through a philosophy and identity which is uniquely Fret-King.

Why your next guitar is a Fret-King!

source – Music Instrument News

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