Free Steel Wheels Concert June 3 at Mt. Holiday in Traverse City

Free Steel Wheels Concert June 3 at Mt. Holiday in Traverse City

The creators of “Everyone A Song” play FREE to launch the Less Cancer Bike Ride America

WARRENTON, Va., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone is invited to a free Steel Wheels concert on June 3, 2022, at 6 p.m., at the Mt. Holiday resort in Traverse City, Mich. The popular band distinguished itself during the Covid-19 pandemic by composing songs about individual fans and friends, including Less Cancer. Their virtual collaborations led to two successful “Everyone A Song” albums. The concert is generously hosted by Mt. Holiday, the community’s non-profit recreation area, to launch the Less Cancer Bike Ride America, a benefit for cancer education and prevention.

“Mt. Holiday, a longtime champion of affordable outdoor recreation and wellness, is a natural partner for Less Cancer and its mission to improve health outcomes for people of all ages,” says Traverse City native Kelli Mengebier, a consultant for Mt. Holiday and Less Cancer. “The bike ride and the Steel Wheels performance at Mt. Holiday will be a great way for the broader community to kick off summer and enjoy time outdoors for an important cause.”

The 2022 Less Cancer Bike Ride America is an opportunity for people everywhere to turn their summer bike rides into a month-long (June 3-July 4) personal mileage challenge. The Ride raises operating funds for the Next Generation Choices Foundation, supports vital functions such as the National Cancer Workshop, and enables the production of educational content and programming throughout the year. Since 2003, the Foundation has focused on the prevention of cancer, which is now universally accepted as the best way to conquer the disease. Working to bridge the gap between prevention and increased incidences of cancer, the organization employs prevention’s most powerful tools: continuing medical education, public health education and policies that protect communities from preventable risk.

“I am grateful that Mt. Holiday will be hosting a launch of the Less Cancer Bike Ride America and a free concert by the Steel Wheels band,” says Bill Couzens, founder of Less Cancer. “The recreation area and the band are both terrific partners in Less Cancer’s efforts to prevent chronic diseases, as are the Cowell Family Cancer Center and our many cyclists and sponsors. At the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, I took a risk and bought the last e-bike available in Warrenton, Virginia. I hadn’t bought a bike since the ’70s, but since then cycling has changed my life dramatically, giving me a leg up in battling chronic health issues, including obesity and high glucose levels. I hope to see others enjoy the same benefits.”

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SOURCE – Less Cancer

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