Free airline tickets and activities are key pillars in Hong Kong’s tourism push

Free airline tickets and activities are key pillars in Hong Kong’s tourism push

With borders now reopened authorities in Hong Kong are looking to free travel to attract tourists

Hong Kong is working hard to regain its status as a major tourist destination.

AFTER welcoming only 600,000 visitors in 2022, Hong Kong intends to return to the forefront of the tourist scene. By comparison, in 2019, a year marked by anti-government protests, the Chinese territory welcomed nearly 56 million, including 43.5 million from mainland China.

A year earlier, the former British colony had been visited by more than 65 million people, including over 720,000 travelers from Europe.

Free plane tickets

Ranked as a major tourist destination in the past, Hong Kong is clearly working on reviving its former success, with the lifting of health restrictions after nearly three years of closed borders. The government has decided to go all out with a very attractive incentive targeted at travelers’ wallets.

The Chinese territory wants to bring tourists in again through the promise of free travel. No less than half a million free airline tickets will be distributed by the three local airlines, namely Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and HK Airlines. The tickets will be valid for travel from next July.

Passengers from Southeast Asia will be the first able to register for the program in March, before those from mainland China can sign up in April. In May, Europeans and Americans will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Those interested will be able to find out the conditions of the offer on the website dedicated to this vast campaign called Hello Hong Kong.

With Chief Executive John Lee describing it as “the world’s biggest welcome ever,” this massive seduction campaign also includes vouchers to enjoy free activities while visiting. No less than one million of these vouchers worth one hundred Hong Kong dollars will be available and valid for spending in bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and stores.

Although borders have been reopened since February 6, some measures remain in place for visitors to follow, even if quarantine on arrival has been abolished.

According to a note published by the Hong Kong government, and updated on February 6, a PCR test less than 48 hours old or antigenic test less than 24 hours old is required for visitors from Taiwan or places outside China to pass through customs while the result must be declared via a form.

The authorities also recommend testing during the stay, on the day of arrival and on the fifth day. Testing restrictions have been completely lifted between mainland China and Macau and Hong Kong; Chinese nationals no longer need to undergo screening tests before arriving.

Additionally, according to the US Consulate in Hong Kong, wearing a mask remains mandatory in public places both indoors and outdoors. Measures that could be a damper on the desire of some travelers to visit the Chinese territory, even if the vaccination pass is no longer in force.

source – ETX Daily Up

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