Foxgear Group Launch 150W rms BARONI AFK150

Foxgear Group Launch 150W rms BARONI AFK150

Foxgear Group recently launched the Baroni compact AFK150: a pedal-sized hybrid, Class D guitar amplifier, delivering a true 150W rms via 4 Ohm cabinet. Featuring a dual channel tube Preamp section with a hi-voltage ECC82/12AX7 tube that enriches dynamics and harmonic content whilst producing a huge bottom-end response with the unmistakable warmth of all-tube amplifiers.

Italian pedal design specialists Foxgear, has earned respect from musicians around the world and is highly respected in the music industry for producing high-end, boutique pedals, many of which have been inspired by some of the most iconic devices in the history of music, whilst being upgraded with modern technology for improved reliability and performance.

Foxgear have produced some classic amps in their own right whilst also working with Class D amplifier designs since the mid 2000’s, hence, the latest challenge was to produce the finest sounding valve-driven Class D pedal amp that, with confidence, the user will be hard pressed to hear any difference between the BARONI AFK150 in an A/B test with a classic tube head.

The CLEAN channel itself, is designed to recreate the warmth and brilliance of vintage amps of the ‘blackface’ era, and it’s the perfect companion to your pedalboard.

The DRIVE Channel alone, is designed after our award-winning GURUS Doubledecker mkII preamp pedal, which recreates the classic sound of vintage British stack amps, from edge to hi-gain distortion, it just growls when boosted by pedals.

With its robust, compact construction the BARONI AFK150 guitar pedal amplifier is highly portable, ready and waiting for you when you’re ready to record that killer guitar track in the studio with or without a speaker connected, or use our analogue CabSim, or go direct and apply your favourite cab sim software, or indeed, for an easy and quick set-up in a live stage environment.

Featuring individual tone stacks for each channel, the BARONI AFK150 offers immense versatility, and with separate Gain, Volume, Master Volume, Master Presence, Bass Middle and Treble controls, Line Out with Cab Simulation and series/parallel buffered FX Loop, there’s a complete palette of colours available to create your perfect sound.

Like all high quality products throughout the Foxgear catalogue, the BARONI AFK 150 has also been designed with aesthetics in mind, looking stunning as a Desktop, CabTop, or Pedalboard amplifier.

The BARONI AFK150 is meticulously hand-built with the finest components available, by a team of skilled craftsman in the company’s own self-contained, Chinese production facility and, with its solid steel chassis and classy wooden sides, this innovative pedal amp looks the part on any speaker cab, while the wooden sides are easily detachable for pedalboard mounting if required.

Whilst channel switching is via classic footswitch design, for changing channels when used as a desktop/cab-top unit, there’s a handy Remote Switching socket on the rear panel that will operate via any standard latching type footswitch.

The BARONI AFK 150 has been designed to simply focus on sound quality of the highest level, whilst incorporating the obvious advantages of a highly reliable, lightweight, compact, portable Hybrid Tube/Class D ‘solid state of the art’ guitar amplifier that combines the best of both worlds.

Price: FXAFK150 £549 rrp.


2 channels (Clean – Drive)

Remote switching

Line Out with or without Cab Sim (V30+sm57)

Serial/Parallel FX Loop switch

Ground/Lift switch

Separate full tone stack for each channel

Master and Presence

Two parallel Speakers Out

Bypass button

Power: 100-240VAC 50/60hz

Dimensions: 8,6”x 4,9”x 1,2” (22cm x 12cm x 3cm, (without wooden side assembled)

Type: 150W rms (@4 Ohm) Hybrid Tube/Class D, 2 channels Guitar Amplifier

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source – Music Instrument News

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