Four days of Air Force The Movie has been collected for rm8 million!

Four days of Air Force The Movie has been collected for rm8 million!

FILM Air Force The Movie: As long as Bernyawa managed to record a collection of RM8 million within four days of screening.

Even sweeter, this film directed by Zulkarnain Azhar and Frank See will also be shown in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

According to the representative of the film producer, this success in penetrating the international market can be proud of because it can indirectly show the outside world about the quality of the country’s films.

Air Force The Movie: Selangi Bernyawa is presented by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RUDM) together with five giant production companies namely Multimedia Entertainment, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Astro, FXHammer Films and SixFun Media.

This film tells the story of the Special Air Force (PASKAU) stranded in Namburi after the RMAF plane was shot down by the enemy. In Malaysia, the RMAF team launched a mission to rescue them.

Air Force The Movie: Selagi Bernyawa also features a line-up of famous actors including Datuk Adi Putra, Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza, Nas-T, Sara Ali, Pablo Amirul, Johan As’ari, Luqman Hafidz, Anas Ridzuan, Jack Tan, Iman Corinne, Scha Alyahya and Carmen Soo.

So to those who haven’t watched yet, get your tickets now and watch the epic battle of Air Force The Movie: As Long As You Live in theaters now.

source – Gempak

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