Former XPDC bassist dies

Former XPDC bassist dies

SHAH ALAM: The former first bass player of XPDC (Tragedy) and Meditasi and Garuda, Man Tobey, 58, breathed his last at midnight last night.

The deceased died at 12.04 midnight at Selayang Hospital after three days of hospitalization.

It is understood that the body of the deceased was buried at the Sungai Garing Islamic Cemetery, Rawang.

The deceased leaves a widow, Zamidah Ishak, 62, and two children, Nurul Fatin Athirah, 25, and Nur Anis Sofea, 23.

Man Tobey or real name Yahya Rashid was involved in a road accident on May 30 last year and was admitted to Selayang Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In the incident that happened on Jalan Bukit Templer-Rawang around 10 am, Man Tobey was riding a motorcycle from Selayang to return to his home in Rawang.

It is understood that Man Tobey also underwent a second operation which was to pierce his neck to install a respirator and was unable to speak after that.

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