Former Minister of Education, Maszlee Malik shared his experience of acting Kudeta

Former Minister of Education, Maszlee Malik shared his experience of acting Kudeta

Who would have thought from the former Minister of Education, now Maszlee Malik appears as a cameo actor in the Astro Original Series drama, Kudeta which is being shown on Astro Ria and Astro Go.

Maszlee, 49, who plays Jamal Banna, a former Prime Minister (PM) who is imprisoned on criminal charges, has shared his experience of acting in Coup.

According to Maszlee, he has received a lot of guidance from his lead actor, Vanidah Imran to play the role of Jamal.

“Actually, I accepted this offer because I like to try new things and when I was given this opportunity I didn’t let it go.

“Of course I accept, it’s not easy for people to give us acting classes for free when the payment is expensive if outside.

“Filming was done in early 2022 and at that time I got guidance from all the great actors in Kudeta, especially Vanidah.

“Vanidah taught me a lot to bring this character to life. He keeps telling me that I am no longer Maszlee but Jamal.

“I am very grateful to Vanidah and all the crew,” he said.

Maszlee shared her experience of acting in Kudeta after being invited in an interview in a new episode of Chun Wai’s YouTube Channel which aired on 4 January.

Through the interview, Chun Wai interviewed Maszlee how he transitioned from a polylithic expert to an actor.

In addition, Chun Wai also asked Maszlee about his involvement in politics after no longer being Minister of Education.

Before the Coup, Maszlee had appeared in Taruh a short film inspired by the popular Korean series, Squid Game.

Kudeta is a drama with a political thriller theme and sees Mariam Imran played by Vanidah Imran appointed as the first female Prime Minister and defending a shaky government.

Apart from Vanidah, Kudeta which also starred Aedy Ashraf was shown every Sunday on the Astro Ria channel at 9pm or via On Demand and Astro Go

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