For The First Time In Kuwait Jaber al-Ahmed Cultural Center JACC Presents Boyce Avenue

For The First Time In Kuwait Jaber al-Ahmed Cultural Center JACC Presents Boyce Avenue

KUWAIT CITY, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If you are a pop and rock enthusiast, this one will interest you a great deal. Over the course of two days, on September 29 – 30, the National Theater at Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center, will entertain two high-profile concerts, by the US group Boyce Avenue, who will meet the fans for the first time in Kuwait.

Uninterrupted Return

“Hello again” is the suitable label for this musical tour, especially as it comes after a year of the band’s forced pause. However, the lack of shows does not mean a lack of music. As a result, the band released their fifth album in early 2021 titled : Boyce Avenue Greatest Hits. It features the group’s best songs and top hits.

Of Sarasota Into The World

2004 on Boyce Street in Sarasota, Florida, where the siblings’ talent was no secret. After graduating from Pine View High and completing their studies at Florida and Harvard colleges, the band was set up to have three members: Alejandro Luis Manzano, Fabian Rafael Manzano, Daniel Enrique Manzano. And with a strong desire, a big ambition and better chances than ever, the band was formed as amateurs.

Entering Music, Exiting Internet

Halfway through the band’s career, YouTube came along, and in September of this year, 15 years have gone by since their first video was published – a cover song of Before It’s Too Late by the Goo Goo Dolls – and with brilliant collaborations with other groups, different artists and very successful musical choices, They managed to get six billion views and win millions of subscribers, Today, Boyce Avenue is regarded as one of the site’s unparalleled and most popular bands .

Back To Roots

Music is a special treat and Boyce Avenue knows it, so independence has always been the plan. To date, the group has released five albums of their own production, and after a brief troubled experience with a music production company, the band went back to playing by their rules : singing to a certain style, at their convenience and with fewer restrictions. Even-though the band has its own musical assets, it continues to perform covers, considering that at the end of the day, the sole purpose of art is to create it and, as long as the experience is fun, the band insists on repeating it.

Exceptional, Varied, And Original

A mix of pop and rock side by side, no admiration is lost or diminished. So, what can you expect?

You’ll find yourself facing a changing, variable performance, not-in-the-least strayed or distorted. Sure thing here, you won’t fall into the trap of monotone even for once. It’s just fun and different.

Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center JACC is an architectural and cultural landmark in the heart of Kuwait that opened in 2016 and aims to highlight and showcase local and international arts and creations and is a national center for culture in the country .It consists of 4 buildings with attractive jewel-inspired design and contains theaters, conference halls, concert halls,exhibition halls and restaurants surrounded by parks and green spaces.

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SOURCE – Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center

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