‘For all the love” – ​​Mizz Nina appreciates the prayers for her, Noh and Musa

‘For all the love” – ​​Mizz Nina appreciates the prayers for her, Noh and Musa

AFTER confirming her divorce yesterday, celebrity Mizz Nina came out with a thank you for everyone who has shown her support.

Mizz Nina or real name Shazrina Azman, 42, expressed her feelings for everyone who prayed and channeled love for herself, her ex-husband Noh Salleh and her adopted son Musa.

“For all the love, prayers and support for Noh, Musa and me (includes a heart-shaped emoji),” said Mizz Nina.

The singer who was once popular with the song What You Waiting For shared that feeling in a post on his Instagram (IG) Story.

In the meantime, Nina also shared a piece of prayer for herself.

In prayer, she who is also a humanitarian activist asks that she will be better than people think and be forgiven for everything that others do not know.

“Oh God, make me better than what they think of me. Forgive me for what they don’t know about me.

“Don’t take into account what they say about me,” she said.

Yesterday, the two uploaded the same post on their respective IGs to announce that they had amicably divorced.

Earlier, the couple’s domestic upheaval was rumored to have reached a tipping point after it was alleged that they were legally divorced at the Lower Syariah Court in East Gombak District, yesterday.

Previously, Noh denied claims that his marriage with Mizz Nina was facing problems when met by the media on July 13.

Just for info, the couple got married on July 2, 2011.

Around last April, Noh and Mizz Nina introduced Musa as an adopted child to brighten up their household.

source – Gempak


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