Folk songs to the stage of Istana Budaya

Folk songs to the stage of Istana Budaya

KUALA LUMPUR: The songs ‘Hutang’, ‘Chikadun’ and ‘24434’ popularized by the Floor 88 group are among the folk songs that will be performed on the prestigious Istana Budaya stage through the Lagu Rakyat Concert for two nights starting March 25.

Who would have thought, the popular songs by the group of young singers who usually tell about the society and the current scenario through its lyrical verses such as the effects of debt, drug abuse and prayer demands, are also categorized as folk songs.

The group’s representative, Eric Fuzi said the offer to make the show a success was considered like the moon falling into their laps as the concept of folk songs was close to their hearts, thus further elevating the genre of the song.

“We only play our own songs but many label our songs close to popular and constantly fresh folk songs such as Lenggang Kangkong.

“More proudly, Istana Budaya also acknowledged the matter and we consider it a great honor,” he told Bernama.

The concert, which will feature more than 50 folk songs accompanied by the Malaysian Traditional Orchestra (OTM), was also attended by popular singers such as Datuk Zainal Abidin, Bunga, Azizul Haqim, Hazra Dollah, Roslan Madun, Jatt Aziz and Mah Meri.

Meanwhile, OTM conductor, Mohd Yazid Zakaria said, the music composition and orchestral accompaniment will be breathed new life in giving a fresher touch without changing the originality of the song.

“We also hope that through this kind of organization, more young singers will produce folk songs in the future,” he said.

Istana Budaya Deputy Director General (Operations), Mohamad Azlan Abdul Majid said, the concert aims to elevate the glory of the song and continue to be a delight, especially for the next generation.

“Folk songs that used to be a whistle such as Suriram and Air Pasang Dalam which are synonymous with various generations are now becoming extinct, some even do not know or hear them,” he said.

Mohamad Azlan said, the purpose of his party was to highlight the line -up of young singers in the concert to attract more audiences as well as give new life to the music.

“Indirectly, it can attract their fans from the current generation to listen to this folk song,” he said, adding that tickets can be booked on the Istana Budaya website with prices starting at RM88.

In the meantime, Mohamad Azlan said, a total of five programs including two theater performances have been arranged to be published throughout the year, apart from receiving seven applications from production companies which is seen as a positive development for the performance industry.

source – BERNAMA

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