Focus on production companies, curry noodle business… Nadzmi Adhwa is more selective

Focus on production companies, curry noodle business… Nadzmi Adhwa is more selective

ACTOR Nadzmi Adhwa slowed down his acting career a bit after marrying actress Ardell Aryana in 2019.

It’s not that it doesn’t sell, but that various opportunities have to be turned down, Adhwa, 30, is busy dividing his time in the business field.

“Offers are always there but have to be filtered, because I don’t want a ‘conflict of interest’ to arise since I am currently running a production company called Arwaa Production which focuses on producing dramas, telefilms and programs.

“So I’m more behind the scenes. We give space to other talented local actors to highlight their abilities. Unless the script I receive can develop my character, I will definitely accept it with an open heart,” he said.

According to Adhwa, after getting married and giving birth, priorities have changed. Acting is indeed his passion and he never forgets the field of art.

“Now, I divide my focus into three things, which are family, art and business.

“My wife is more comfortable to focus on her children and family as well as some humanitarian activities.

“Besides starting to dabble in the publishing field, we are also active in the food business, Arwaafood.

“Thank God, the food business through Arwafood has received a very positive response,” he said.

NADZMI focuses more on three things, namely family, art and business.

Sharing the excitement about Arwafood, the Mee Kari Opah product under the brand has sold 15,000 boxes through the TikTok platform, recently.

“Grateful that this product has received a very good response. We ourselves did not expect Mee Kari Opah to be sold in such quantity in just one hour.”

“Initially, we got an offer to collaborate in this business from two friends, Hadi Kaderi and Nizar Hafiz. We wanted to explore the food business and came up with the idea to come up with curry noodles.

“After six months of struggling to think of ideas for the concept and taste to be featured, Mee Kari Opah came out,” he said.

source – wilayahku

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