Female tourist injured in monkey attack at Taj Mahal

Female tourist injured in monkey attack at Taj Mahal

AGRA: A woman was injured after being attacked by a monkey while taking pictures around the Taj Mahal, yesterday.

Citing a Times Of India report , a video of a woman crying in pain went viral on social media.

The woman was reportedly treated by several photographers and staff who were in the Taj Mahal area.

In the meantime, the victim suffered an injury to her left leg but refused to seek further treatment at the hospital and was then seen leaving the Taj Mahal area with her husband after the attack.

Till date, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and local authorities have been unable to find any solution to the growing monkey menace.

ASI Conservation Assistant, Prince Vajpayee informed that the incident happened when the female tourist was engrossed in taking pictures of the monkey.

“She was given emergency aid after being attacked. Our dedicated staff here are tasked with protecting tourists from monkey attacks,” he said.

It is understood that this is the fourth ‘attack’ in 10 days at the most popular tourist destination in India.

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, shared the video of the attack on his personal Twitter account.

“The incident of foreign tourists being bitten by monkeys at the Taj Mahal is a very serious matter.

“In the current economic crisis, if foreign tourists are afraid to come to the Taj Mahal, then the tourism industry and income stream will be affected,” he wrote.

source – Faida Rahim


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