Female entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone, design ‘content’ to attract social media customers

Female entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone, design ‘content’ to attract social media customers

IPOH: Women should seize opportunities and dare to step out of their comfort zone, to go far in the field of business, especially in the form of digitization.

Various social media platforms can now be a stepping stone for them, if it comes to usage and engaging content.

The president of the Ikon Women’s Club of Malaysia (KWIM), Datuk Normaziah Shiekh Mohamed said, ‘content’ or content on social media is important in ensuring that it reaches the target group.

She explained further, shyness or worrying about public acceptance needs to be thrown away, because it sometimes limits the potential of entrepreneurs.

“Indeed, the feedback I have found is that many women are interested in doing business using social media but are not skilled at it.

“They only knows how to look at Facebook and others but doesn’t know how to create content, that’s important… and that’s what we teach in the four-day program here.

“We teach how to talk to customers, to sell products on social media because that’s why you have to have the knowledge to approach customers,” she added.

Normaziah said this in a press conference after the inauguration of the Digital Women Transformation: Effective Techniques for Attracting Customers on Social Media program, at Taman Meru Multipurpose Hall, here on Thursday.

Also present were Datuk Bandar Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin and Councilor of Ipoh City Council (MBI), Puteri Holijah Muhamad Rali.
A total of 100 participants were involved in the program which lasted for four days, starting from 22 to 25 September.

The program was organized in collaboration with MBI, the Ikon Malaysia Women’s Club, the Perak State Entrepreneur Secretariat and the Women’s Development Department.

In the meantime, she also admitted that many are still shy to come forward to promote their respective products aggressively.

“Yes, it’s true, today we met the participants and it was found after getting to know them, I think almost half of the participants are really shy to go forward.

“Nevertheless, we faced a similar situation in Johor recently, at the end of the program we also taught the participants to build self-confidence.

“So we finally got a positive result, the contestants are brave and skilled at doing ‘live’ on social media.

“Actually the constraint they face is the fear of being criticized, because as we know this platform is often a room for criticism. But I advise them to be brave for good things in order to advance business,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rumaizi said that one of the things that are a constraint for small and medium-sized industrial traders (SMEs) is promotion and product placement.

She also said that branding and digitization will bring many benefits to the participants, especially women.

“Among the current issues is the lack of promotion and the problem of product placement. We have to re-examine those two problems.

“Nowadays there is a lot of promotion towards digital, MBI can help in terms of studio, radio and TV,” she said.

The city of Ipoh is the second organizing location after Johor Bahru, after this KWIM will move to Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

source – Aida Aziz


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