Fell ill while walking dog in park, Thai princess suffers ‘serious health problems’

Fell ill while walking dog in park, Thai princess suffers ‘serious health problems’

BANGKOK: The King of Thailand, King Maha Vajiralongkorn reportedly rushed back to Bangkok to be by his daughter’s side after receiving an emergency call.

Citing the Royal Central report , the latest situation is still unknown, however it is understood that the 44-year-old Princess Bajrakitiyabha is reported to be suffering from serious health problems.

Thai Royal Family Correspondent Andrew MacGregor Marshall said Princess Bajrakitiyabha fell ill while walking her dog while King Vajiralongkorn flew home shortly after.

“Several royal sources say Princess Bajrakitiyabha suffered a heart attack today while jogging with her dog in Khao Yai national park. Her father King Vajiralongkorn was rushed there by helicopter,” MacGregor Marshall said.

Immediately after the incident, it is understood, initial treatment of respiratory support was attempted on Bajrakitiyabha for an hour, before later switching to the use of an automatic ventilator. However, the situation does not show any positive signs.

In the meantime, residents in Bangkok reportedly saw three military helicopters returning to the Thai capital from the direction of Khao Yai.

Meanwhile, various speculations and rumors began to be heard on social media since yesterday.

Apart from the royal family’s trusted media, news about Bajrakitiyabha has not been widely covered in Thailand out of respect for the royal institution.

The average Thai people who know the news pray for Bajrakitiyabha’s speedy recovery and hope that there will be no sad news to end the year 2022 for the people of the country.


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