FDAM asked for MyCAP to be reviewed

FDAM asked for MyCAP to be reviewed

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Film Directors Association (FDAM) has asked the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) to review the Malaysian Creative Capacity Building Program (MyCAP).

FDAM President Ahmad Ibrahim in a statement said MyCAP was created to assess the skill level of art activists involved in the creative industry, but its implementation is still vague and not clear to be accepted by art activists.

He said FINAS gave its consent to the proposal in a meeting with FDAM recently.

He also requested that Padu Citra which was abolished on 1 Feb 2021 be re -established as a mandatory condition, to encourage every application for a Certificate of Filming (SPP) to be a member of the association, that is for the director category must be a member of FDAM, for the actor category to be a member of the Malaysian Artists Association , while for the production crew to be a member of the Malaysian Film Professional Workers Association (PROFIMA).

“FDAM is grateful to FINAS Chief Executive Officer Prof Md Nasir Ibrahim who is concerned and sensitive to industry issues including MyCAP and Padu Citra issues,” he said on Monday.


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