Fazura made a police report on the issue of breach of trust

Fazura made a police report on the issue of breach of trust

ACTRESS, singer and entrepreneur, Nur Fazura explained that she made a police report recently for the issue of breach of trust.

However, the actress who exploded through the film Gol & Gincu refused to comment further and elaborate on the police report she made.

“That’s right, I did upload a picture of the police station recently. The only thing that can be shared here is that the report involves a rather big issue which is breach of trust.

“But I cannot share more details about the report and the issue. When the time comes, I will share it with everyone.

“And it doesn’t feel good to share the location and pull the report,” she said at the Fazura 2022 Festival Concert press conference held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur last week.

Earlier, the wife of actor Fattah Amin shared a photo of the police station via Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, in other developments, Fazura also shared about the organization of the Faztival Concert 2022 which will be held on September 11 next at Axiata Arena.

According to Fazura, the concert introduces the concept of #miliksemua, with concert tickets sold starting at RM147.

The concert will be lined up with popular local and Indonesian singers such as Datuk M. Nasir, Datuk Awie, Ella, Ruffedge, Zizi Kirana, Ippo Hafiz and Amir Masdi.

The famous entertainer from the other side, Ahmad Dhani, will also be with Ahmad Band in addition to his wife, Mulan Jameela, who will warm the stage.

source – Gempak .


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