Farm Fresh was crowned the choice of Malaysian consumers once again

Farm Fresh was crowned the choice of Malaysian consumers once again

Farm Fresh was awarded a platinum award in the Beverage-Tenusu category at the 2022 Putra Brand Awards.

KUALA LUMPUR: Farm Fresh Berhad (Farm Fesh) was crowned platinum award recipient at the Putra Brand Awards 2022 in the Beverage-Dairy category, making it their platinum win for two consecutive years.

The company beat six other brands in the same category, maintaining its platinum win since receiving the first award in 2021.

Farm Fresh has grown to become the number one fresh milk brand of choice for Malaysians and is also exported to Brunei and Singapore, expected to continue expanding to the Philippines and Indonesia in the future.

Since its establishment in 2010, Farm Fresh has been committed to producing nutritious and highly nutritious products, while maintaining the highest standards in animal welfare and the production process of products that do not pollute the environment.

It also provides employment opportunities to the talented and highly skilled local community.

Farm Fresh’s ongoing environmental sustainability efforts were recognized by the Stewardship Asia Center as one of the exemplary initiatives in Southeast Asia during the Steward Leadership 25 Summit in November last year.

Farm Fresh has now introduced 147 products under various brand names including Farm Fresh, Master Barista, Henry Jones, Yarra Farm, Yarra by Farm Fresh and Nubian Goat’s Milk.

Recently, it introduced a ready-to-drink formula milk, Farm Fresh Grow, specially formulated for growing children.
Farm Fresh Grow is made from natural cow’s milk, enriched with only the nutrients necessary for the growth of children, without the addition of commonly found ingredients such as maltodextrin, vegetable oil and calcium carbonate.

Today, Farm Fresh operates in six dairy farms and three processing facilities in Malaysia and Australia, with a total farm area of ​​5,416 acres and a herd size of 10,309 cows.

“Farm Fresh has grown over the past 13 years to become the largest dairy company in Malaysia today, and once again won the hearts of Malaysian consumers as their dairy of choice.

“I would like to thank Malaysian consumers who continue to trust and believe in our products.

“Without their trust, we would not have been able to achieve what we have today, and we are always proud that we are a local company that is now everyone’s choice,” said Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Farm Fresh Group Loi Tuan Ee.

The Brand Putra Awards organized by the Malaysian Association of Certified Advertising Agents (4As) since 2010 is recognized by the Malaysian Foreign Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) and supported by the Malaysian Advertisers Association, the Media Specialists Association and the Malaysian Digital Association.

The winners of the Brand Putra Awards are drawn by Malaysian users.

In 2022, more than 25,000 responses were received in the eight weeks from the end of September to mid-November from consumers who responded to an invitation to participate in a survey published on 60 websites.

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