Farahdhiya collaborated with the South Korean ‘rapper’

Farahdhiya collaborated with the South Korean ‘rapper’

It has been a long time since she appeared with a new song, singer and actress Farahdhiya is back with her latest single titled “Tewas”.

Interestingly, the single “Tewas” has changed 360 degrees the genre of music that Farahdhiya has often played in most of the previous songs.

The song “Tewas” in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre also features a rapper from South Korea, Denis, using three languages, namely Malay, English and Korean.

Believing in the quality of the songs created entirely by Pown Hasril, Karim Karam, Otromen, Nass and DL, Farahdhiya did not want to use an extreme gimmick approach like some singers did.

“For this song, there are no gimmicks because I am a ‘simple’ and ‘straight forward’.

“So we want to release our song in the usual way. To me, if it’s a good song, the singer is good or the product is good, if it’s done in the usual way, there’s no problem.

“Sometimes we see people doing gimmicks until some are ashamed of themselves and look stupid until they are criticized.

“I’m not willing to just do such a gimmick and I don’t need that. When we want to release a song, we only release the song, ”he said.

Sharing more about the song “Tewas”, Farahdhiya said the first time she heard the song she continued to fall in love and agreed to record it.

“Admittedly, people know me with ballads, so this is a new thing from me and I have a lot of fun.

“We also follow the passage of time because songs like this are now in the middle of ‘ in ‘
“The first time I got this song, I immediately agreed because I like the ‘catchy’ melody.

“To me this kind of song tastes like people now. This is indeed a brand new one from me and I am very excited.

“In addition, this song uses three languages. I think this is an opportunity to make this song a success, ”he said.

In another development, Farahdhiya shared her tight art career schedule after art activities were allowed to operate again after the implementation of the Movement Control Order (PKP).

“Since I was allowed to work again in October last year, Alhamdulillah, my schedule is very busy until now.

“Singing and acting go hand in hand. I was busy doing corporate presentations and dinners. The acting offer did not stop.

“It’s been quite busy actually since I was allowed to work again and focus now with this latest song.

“There are also some dramas that will come out such as” Roti Cicah Susu “which will be shown on Astro Ria channel soon.

“There is also a drama with Viu streaming. My career is going smoothly Alhamdulillah, ”he said.


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