Faded murals, damaged scenery: Perak will improve, as long as the maintenance of the location is affected

Faded murals, damaged scenery: Perak will improve, as long as the maintenance of the location is affected

IPOH: The state government will conserve and restore the murals that are starting to fade and spoil the scenery, especially the many that are found in this city.

Chairman of the State Housing and Local Government Committee, Sandrea Ng Shy Ching however said that the effort requires the involvement of many parties, both from the government, the private sector and individuals.

“The murals that exist now, some involve the collaboration of the government, agencies, including private sector initiatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

“It is true that this year is the Year of Visiting Ipoh and next year is the Year of Visiting Perak, so we want to make sure that in this tourist attraction there is no issue of less attractiveness and faded murals.

“So we will look again at the murals that need (restoration), we have to look at the location of the murals that were originally managed by NGOs, the private sector or the government,” she said.

He said this yesterday when asked about the issue of murals in the back alleys around the city which were previously an attraction for visitors, but are now becoming more and more neglected and faded.

Ng told reporters that previously he had also submitted a proposal for an application for allocation to help local authorities (PBT).

“Because, so far, we have seen many local authorities in the state that have started initiatives to paint murals.

“So it would be better if we could get support from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) especially for this mural, thus cheering up the city, we can take advantage of it.

“Whether you want to create a new (mural) or maintain an existing mural, each mural may have a different artist, we have to check each one to see the best way to make sure the mural is cheerful again,” she added.

Earlier, Ng was met during a visit program to the Bazar Ramadan Stadium site, here. Also present, Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin.

During the visit, he also handed out goodies to Grab Food participants, aprons and biodegradable plastic bags (easily decomposed), in addition to being friendly with traders and visitors to the bazaar.


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