Fabulous Friday Concert: ‘I’m disappointed I couldn’t give my best’ – Awie

Fabulous Friday Concert: ‘I’m disappointed I couldn’t give my best’ – Awie

KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s rock legend, Datuk Awie admitted that he was disappointed not to be able to give his best performance on the second night of the Fabulous Friday Concert at the PETRONAS Philharmonic Hall on Friday.

Awie or his real name Ahmad Azhar Othman explained, he was actually not healthy since the first day of the concert.

“Actually, I’m not feeling well and went to the hospital yesterday after performing. However, at this time many are so sick that there is not enough bed.

“I have brought all kinds of medicine supplies on stage. In fact, my hands also cramped while performing tonight.

“My favorite song is Gema Di Indraloka but I failed to give my best. I am less satisfied with my performance tonight, ”he explained.

However, Awie insisted that his health was not an obstacle for him and Wings to continue the second day of the concert for the sake of the fans.

“It’s not a reason not to give your best. Sorry if I said there was less in any part. I try my best for everyone.

“I’m disappointed, we (Wings) trained hard … ,” he said again.

Throughout the concert, Awie was seen giving a performance that mesmerized the loyal fans of the rock group.

Wings performed 15 songs from several albums on Fabulous Friday on Friday.

Among them are Puaka Satellite, Kuburkan Aku, Lubuk Pusing, Mabuk 7 Lautan, Gemuruh Opera Hidup and Gema Di Indraloka.

source – Fareez Azman


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