Exploring Türkiye on wheels

Exploring Türkiye on wheels

The country’s five most beautiful cycling routes

FAMED for its mild climate, magnificent nature and unique cultural heritage, Türkiye now offers dedicated routes for bicyclists. These routes – specially designed for mountain, road and electric bikes – promise cyclists and athletes incredible adventures.

These top five routes in Türkiye stand out for their splendid landscapes and bike-friendly conveniences:

1. Güvercinlik Valley – Göreme Open Air Museum Route

One of Türkiye’s most exceptional destinations is Cappadocia. Coincidentally, the region is also an excellent cycling destination, offering seven routes specially created for mountain biking.

The route from the Güvercinlik Valley to the Göreme Open Air Museum starts from Üçhisar Castle – known for its incredible panoramic views of Cappadocia – and follows the path of the Güvercinlik Valley through the Göreme Open Air Museum, Meskendir Valley and Çavuşin Village.

Famous for its trekking routes surrounded by rich vegetation, Güvercinlik Valley brings a new perspective to the pedalling experience with cooing doves and scenic landscapes.

2. Lycian Way – Maden Beach Route

The Lycian Way features more than twenty natural wonders and ancient cities such as such as Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay, Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova, Demre, Patara, Olympos Mountain, Çıralı and Göynük Canyon.

In addition to walking the route, the Lycian Way can be explored on a bicycle! Created specifically for mountain biking, the Lycian Way-Maden Beach route in Antalya’s Kemer district is a beautiful 18-kilometre track that rises 1,115 metres above sea level.

The trail ends at Maden Bay, a Mediterranean treasure offering a range of activities, including hiking, swimming, diving, photography and cave excursions.

3. House of the Virgin Mary – Ephesus Route

Dating from 6000 BCE, Ephesus is a Unesco World Heritage Site and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Visiting the area by bicycle is indeed a unique experience: This impressive region, which also hosts the largest temple dedicated to Artemis, features a mountain bike and electric bicycle route starting from the House of the Virgin Mary – 9km from Selçuk – and concluding in the ancient city of Ephesus.

Commencing from an elevation of 414 meters and descending to 350 meters within 5km, the route takes riders on a memorable journey through the pages of history – from a sacred centre of Christianity to one of the most important cities of antiquity.

4. Köyceğiz – Ortaca – Dalaman Routes

In Muğla, Türkiye’s tourism paradise, the Köyceğiz-Ortaca-Dalaman routes created for electric bikes and mountain bikes provide relaxed riding amid beautiful nature. 22 trails were planned in 2018 under Eco Trails; 15 are designated for mountain bikes and seven for e-bikes.

The area’s climate allows year-round riding, and guidance signs are arranged following international standards. The route, starting from the Ortaca district centre, passes along the Dalaman Stream, İztuzu Beach, and the Blue Flag Sarıgerme Beach, important spawning areas for the Caretta Caretta turtles.

5. İstanbul – European Side Forests Route

For centuries, visitors have been enchanted by this exciting city at the meeting point of Asia and Europe, attracted to its unique location, splendid Bosphorus views and expansive nature.

Today’s İstanbul stands out with its history, culture, and ancient and modern art. And in addition to world-class shopping and gastronomy, the metropolis offers dedicated routes for electric and road bicycles.

Located in the forests on the European side, the trails also embrace the Anatolian and European coastline along the sparkling waters of the Bosphorus. From the European shores of the Bosphorus to the Belgrade Forest – considered the ‘lungs of the city’ – riders can enjoy a new perspective of İstanbul.

Sustainable tourism supported by Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facilities Certificate studies

Türkiye’s bicycle tourism activities encompass more than just routes: Accelerating its sustainable tourism efforts, the country implemented the Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facilities Certificate last year within the scope of related sustainability studies.

Visitors pedalling around the country can obtain information on bicycle-friendly facilities before coming to Türkiye, thanks to this certification.

Contact information for any services provided by facilities entitled to receive certification can be accessed at the GoTürkiye platform, the digital face of Türkiye. There are currently 17 facilities in Türkiye that meet the criteria of the Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facility Certificate.

Türkiye’s dedicated bicycle routes let visitors travel through the past in a more leisurely way, leaving behind the stress of urban living for the peaceful serenity of nature. Whether you visit once or many times, your memories of this beautiful country will last forever.

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