Explore new destinations, RareTV launches Arctic adventure mission

Explore new destinations, RareTV launches Arctic adventure mission

KUALA LUMPUR: The constant interest in sharing the visual experience of a destination, becomes a strength in the provision of content.

That’s what the YouTube channel, RareTV, which previously stole the show with a series of trips to locations that are usually unreachable with regular tour packages.

In their latest project, Rare TV embarks on a mission to Iceland and Norway via Arctic adventure, listing some interesting locations to explore including Grimsey and Svalbard Island.

The trip to Norway will start on August 2, while Iceland will be on August 4, bringing two hosts with two participants.

In a statement, Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin (RPWP), which is the owner of the channel, informed that the adventure will last for 20 days and will be broadcast as many as 13 episodes starting in September on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“The trip to Iceland was led by the Founder of RPWP himself, Saiful Nang and assisted by Captain Syibli Fakih. Also participating were two entrepreneurs, Fared Masrom from Port Dickson and Osman Ali from Singapore.

“The trip to Norway and Svalbard Island is led by Akhmal Asyraf Mohd together with Shauqi Hasan together with entrepreneurs, Zarif Azrie Zahari and Zarul Shafiz Zahari who will carry out a mission wearing Malay clothes to the end of the world,” according to the statement.

Rare TV which started in 2020 has now got a subscription of about a quarter of a million followers with views up to almost two million every month.

Starting with the intention of becoming the world’s window to the internal broadcasting channel of RPWP residents, this group of educators finally managed to steal the attention of Malaysians, Singaporeans, Brunei and Indonesia.

More than 10 countries have been explored including Turkey, Palestine, Switzerland, Pakistan, Spain, Morocco, New Zealand and Italy which also presents educational content to the audience.

The channel was also awarded YouTube’s Best Travelog Content by Tourism Selangor, recently.

source – Astro Awani


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