Expected to have a 6th child, Jamal Abdillah asked fans to suggest names for the baby

Expected to have a 6th child, Jamal Abdillah asked fans to suggest names for the baby

CHOOSING the names of the children of national pop legend, Datuk Jamal Abdillah is indeed known to be delicious and even taken from some character names in his acting films such as Azura and so on.

However, for his daughter and his sixth child who will be born this March, the king of pop opened up the opportunity for fans to name his child who will be born.

His fourth child with his beloved wife, Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin is expected to be born on March 23.

“If a fan or follower on my social media page has a name that is suitable for our baby girl with a good and beautiful meaning, they can leave a comment on my and my wife’s Instagram page.

“We are still looking for a suitable name and my wife just left it to me to choose,” shared Datuk Jamal.


Even admit this loving father again, he seems impatient to look forward to the birth of the offspring that will complement his happiness with his wife.

Even though we have had three dreams together before, the excitement to welcome new people is still felt.

“Alhamdulillah, my wife Zai and the baby in her womb are also in good health and have no problems. The wife’s pregnancy has also reached seven months. So far, everything is fine,” he said.

Not planning to increase the number of children after the birth of the baby girl in March, said Datuk Jamal, he and his wife are now more focused on raising the three children and providing them with the best education.

Earlier, this couple got married on 1 April 2017 and were blessed with three children, namely Nur Azura Yamani, 3; El Isaac Yamani, 2; and Iskandar Rayyan Yamani who is now one year old.

Datuk Jamal also has two sons, Osama Yamani, 21, and Ahmad Zaki Yamani, 17 from his previous marriage.


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