‘Everywhere there are envious people, I am relieved’ – Fauzi Nawawi

‘Everywhere there are envious people, I am relieved’ – Fauzi Nawawi

BERGING an entrepreneur, actor Fauzi Nawawi admits that he is ready to face human envy.

Fauzi or his real name is Mohd Fauzi Mohd Nawawi, 50, said that he considered this as one of the tests in managing a business.

The nature of human envy

“I am relieved if there are people who are envious of me opening a business. Because whatever I do, there will definitely be people who are envious, I’ve faced that before, I just don’t want to share it.

“I think as an entrepreneur there will only be tests. If the business is not successful, I consider that there is no sustenance, but as long as there is an opportunity to work, I will do my best.

“Anywhere there will be envious people and that will never end, I don’t need to think about human envy. What I need to think how to improve myself. Everything is up to God,” he said.

Fauzi said this when met at the launch ceremony of his cafe Kafe Boi Boi located in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

In the meantime, Fauzi acknowledged his gratitude when his and his partner Jack’s dream to open a cafe in Kuala Lumpur was successfully realized

Fauzi added that the cost of renovating the cafe, which was originally an abandoned bungalow, had cost around RM700,000.

“I am grateful to finally be able to open this cafe. Jack and I came to survey the abandoned bungalow house here and we decided to turn the site into a cafe.

“We spend around RM600,00 to RM700,000 to make sure this cafe is ready,” he added.

Interestingly, the cafe also provides surau facilities and Fauzi assures that all the workforce used are Muslims.
Slim noodles recipe Lisdawati

At the event, Fauzi also introduced a new menu called Mi Ramping which is a hand-made recipe of his wife, the actress Lisdawati.

“These noodles are my own recipe. What’s special about these noodles lies in the sambal, that’s the secret to the deliciousness of Mi Ramping.

“Before I was convinced to include Ramping Noodles in the menu at Boi Boi, I received good feedback from my husband, children and friends who had tried the noodles.

“They said it was delicious and asked me to commercialize the Ramping Mi because the noodles are still lacking in the market, so in conjunction with Ramadan this time, anyone who wants to enjoy the Ramping Mi can come to the cafe,” said Lisdawati.

Cafe Boi Boi has been open since mid-January. In addition to Mee Ramping, special menus brought from Borneo namely Sabah and Sarawak are also the choice of customers who come.

In conjunction with Ramadan, Kafe Boi Boi also provides special promotions throughout the fasting month with very reasonable prices.


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