‘Even Mike Tyson fell!’ – Tokram admits GV9 is the heaviest, many say heavyweight

‘Even Mike Tyson fell!’ – Tokram admits GV9 is the heaviest, many say heavyweight

Gegar Vaganza season 9 (GV9) judge chief Datuk Ramli MS expressed his excitement with all 13 stars competing this year.

According to Ramli or more affectionately called Tokram, all 13 of these participants are fighters in the art of singing and do not play around in their work.

“I’m quite excited because everyone who comes in, they want to sing, create, they are fighters.

“That’s what I’m looking for, they work in singing. Gelanggang (GV9) is what they should enter.

“For me, GV9 is the heaviest because many people say heavyweight , even Mike Tyson fell.

“In the first week they will play, in the second and third weeks, they will sing people’s songs.

“When singing people’s songs, we judge intellectually. We want them to sing people’s songs, make their own version that we have never heard.

“Before singing, we give 100 marks. If you sing wrong, we will cut the marks.

“Due to this GV9 level, in my opinion all the technical aspects of their singing do not need to be disputed and do not need to be scored.

“Based on three minutes on stage, anything can happen,” he said .

Tokram was met at the press conference announcing the 13 GV9 participants held at Menara Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday night.

In addition to Tokram, the two judges who will hold positions as permanent judges are Datuk Syafinaz Selamat and mother Hetty Koes Endang.

As for Syafinaz himself, she wants to see more GV9 participants bring other singers’ songs into their own versions.

“Actually, for this year I want to see a rock singer, he takes a dangdut song and turns it into a rock version.

“Although I am open, but when a singer makes another singer’s song his own song, in his own way, it is more interesting to me.

“But if you want to experiment, don’t go too far until we can’t accept it,” she said again.

GV9 which will begin broadcasting on September 18 from the MBSA Shah Alam Auditorium features Nabil Ahmad as host.

The winner will take home RM100,000 in cash, the runner-up will receive RM50,000, third place will receive RM30,000, fourth place, fifth place and sixth place will receive RM20,000, RM15,000 and RM10 respectively. 10,000.

The publication of GV9 is also supported by Farm Fresh who is present as the Main Sponsor in collaboration with Digi as the Official Telco. While Adabi and CUCKOO also lend support as Joint Sponsors.

The ‘GV9’ media conference was also broadcast from Menara Kuala Lumpur.

In addition, the organization of GV9 was also enlivened by collaboration with Astro GO, Gempak and Ria X as Digital Partners and SINAR as Official Radio Partner and supported by Gegar for this season.

Exclusively for Astro loyal customers, they have the opportunity to watch GV9 LIVE by answering three simple questions at astro.com.my/gv9.

Ten pairs of tickets are up for grabs every week

source – Gempak


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