Eva won the thriller category at the Cannes Film Festival

Eva won the thriller category at the Cannes Film Festival

The debut FILM directed by Suhaiza Aziz titled Eva was selected as the winner of the monthly award (July 2022) for the thriller and suspense category at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

In the initial nomination, Suhaiza said, the film Eva competed with two other scripts, namely Deadline from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ivy from Germany.

“I didn’t think at all that Eva’s film would win because it had stiff competition from films produced by the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

“When suddenly the producer, Diyana Ismail, showed the poster that Eva was nominated for, we were all surprised.

“I didn’t think we could ‘fly’ this far. Furthermore, this is my first work as a director.

“Even though we have just been nominated, when we see the name Malaysia, we feel proud,” said Suhaiza.

This WIN makes Suhaiza continue to be motivated to produce the best work.

Suhaiza added that the victory was not only a catalyst for him to produce the best work, but also a starting point for her to deepen her knowledge of directing.

Therefore, Suhaiza hopes that her film will also excel at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival which is scheduled to take place early next year.

Synopsis of Filem Eve

This movie tells the story of Eva, Amy and Mike being the same person but trapped in one body.

Eva, as the owner of the body had to deal with different changes as a result of the trauma experienced since she was a child.

Eva has a son who tries to understand her situation and her sister, Elly, is always by her side.

In her own confusion, Eva managed to become a lawyer. But that didn’t change him into a normal human being.

Her situation keeps changing to be Amy, a forensic expert and Mike is a murderer.

source – wilayahku


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