EP Blueshark got JPJ approval

EP Blueshark got JPJ approval

KUALA LUMPUR: Automotive parts manufacturer EP Manufacturing Berhad (EPMB) has received approval from the Malaysian government to register and license its first two-wheeled electric vehicle (EV).

The permission came about a month after it received Conditional Approval from the government for the construction of its maiden manufacturing plant for the production of electric two-wheelers.

In a notification to Bursa Malaysia on Monday, EPMB announced that the National Committee for Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) and Homologation, Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) has approved the VTA for the Blueshark SG3000DT model on 30 August 2022, or referred to as Blueshark R1 under the Act Malaysian Road Transport 1987.

The certificate for VTA has been issued to EP Blueshark Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of EPMB.

VTA’s approval allows EPMB’s “Blueshark R1” electric motorcycle to be registered and licensed by JPJ.

This effort will open a new chapter for EPMB to diversify complements to its current business.

Executive Chairman of EP Manufacturing Berhad, Hamidon Abdullah said, with the VTA Approval, EPMB is one step closer to achieving the projected surge in demand for two-wheeled EVs in Malaysia.

At the same time, he said, the company’s partners in other ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have also applied for a similar VTA for the Blueshark R1 in their respective countries, and this will complement EPMB’s manufacturing activities.

“Our foray into the two-wheeler EV business is well supported by the technical know-how of China-based Sharkgulf Technologies Group Limited.

“This is in conjunction with a strong funding base from international investors focused on ESG.

“This should put us on a sustainable growth path moving forward,” he said.

In addition to the manufacturing plant and sales and distribution center in Malaysia, EPMB will also establish a Research and Development (R&D) Center, which will share technical know-how and resources to the Sharkgulf Gigafactory in Qingdao’s West Coast New Region.

A manufacturing base with shared R&D efforts in Malaysia will address the cost structure to make EPMB’s two-wheeled EV more cost-efficient.

On 25 July 2022, EP Blueshark received Conditional Approval from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for its application to install electric motorcycles under the Industrial Coordination Act 1975 [Act 156].

This is subject to conditions to be met by EP Blueshark within six (6) months from the Letter of Approval.

With the Conditional Approval, EP Blueshark is on track to build a Manufacturing Plant and Sales and Distribution Center to assemble, manufacture and distribute Blueshark branded 2-wheel EVs in Malaysia.

Eventually, the company will export the assembled products to other Southeast Asian countries where the demand for two-wheelers is growing rapidly.

The Blueshark-branded two-wheeler EV is developed by Sharkgulf Technologies, known for creating the world’s first intelligent operating system for the electric two-wheeler industry.

The two-wheeler is powered by a new generation of portable and replaceable lithium-ion batteries, making it a more compact and efficient motorcycle.

Within seconds, users will be able to exchange used batteries for fully charged batteries at the “exchange station”.

These “swap stations” can be placed anywhere that is accessible such as convenience stores, gas stations and parking lots. The battery can also be charged at home using a dedicated charging dock.

The electric motorcycle can also be unlocked easily with just a fingerprint and is equipped with 74 sensors, including pressure sensor, 6-axis gyroscope, voltage & current sensor, temperature sensor.

Every minute, the sensor uploads data up to 300 times, providing data support to optimize the user’s riding experience. It is also the first EV two-wheeler with a steering system.

source – Dagang News


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