Endang Hyder had to sell his favorite violin again

Endang Hyder had to sell his favorite violin again

PROFESSIONAL violinist, Endang Hyder who was previously infected because he had to sell his beloved violin to cover his father’s medical expenses finally had to sell the violin again for the same purpose.

Endang or his real name, Ell Zain Hyder Zainuddin, 36, said the video recording of the viola friction that was uploaded on his Twitter page on Thursday was his last collateral before selling his two violins.

“I think this is the last collateral before I have to put back both violins for sale.

“I’m doing this just to help my dad for now,” he said via a tweet on his Twitter.

In 2020, the story of Endang who had to sell one of his favorite violins to pay the medical bills of his father who lost both legs due to diabetes was published on social media and newspapers.

Although many in the community are sympathetic and channel donations and assistance, Endang’s financial constraints continue until now due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (PKP) and the COVID-19 pandemic which is still not over.

To pay his father’s medical bills, Zainuddin Mohd Ottok, 72, chose to sell one of his violins despite working hard to get it.

The single mother of three who lives with her parents in Kampar, Perak started playing the violin when she was 10 years old and has performed at the international level and often uploads her performances on Youtube by playing popular modern and classic songs.

Following that, Endang also apologized to two individuals known as Datuk Adnan and Datuk Syed who had previously bought his violin and then gave all the violins to him.

In his speech last January, he also warmly welcomed netizens who saw the show through video recordings uploaded on social media to make a sincere contribution and hoped that people would invite him to entertain them.

source – Sinar Harian


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