Empat Sekawan actress Hon Yit Sin died at the age of 95

Empat Sekawan actress Hon Yit Sin died at the age of 95

KUALA LUMPUR: Around the 1960s, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) used to popularize the local sitcom Empat Sekawan which used several dialects such as Mandarin, Hakka, Hokkien and Cantonese.

Empat Sekawan aired for two decades and the sitcom also introduced us to many popular stars including Datuk Lai Meng and Hon Yit Sin.

The two actors are very famous among sitcom fans.

Yesterday, Yit Sin was reported to have breathed her last at the age of 95 yesterday (September 4).

The late Yit Sin was invited to the eternal state following her friend, Lai Meng who died in May 2018.

According to the grandson of the deceased, Bill Lai, his grandmother died at the family residence in Raub, Pahang.

“She went peacefully in his sleep. She is not very healthy because she had high blood pressure and a mild stroke a few years ago,” said Bill Lai.

It is understood that Yit Sin’s health has deteriorated since the end of last year but is still able to move.

The late Yit Sin started her career in the country’s art scene around the 1960s by establishing the Getai Group with Kwai Yoon and two other members.

Getai Group’s popularity increased after appearing with the humorous concept album, ‘Tofu Song’
Yit Sin then switched to a drama program on the RTM radio station and stole the listeners’ attention with Empat Sekawan.

Bill Lai said that his grandmother’s body is now placed in the Nirvana Memorial Park, Sungai Besi, here, to give the family and friends of the deceased an opportunity to pay their last respects.

Meanwhile, the funeral ceremony of the late Yit Sin will be held this Wednesday (September 7).

source – Astro Awani


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