Eminence Speaker Announces Global Standard Series

Eminence Speaker Announces Global Standard Series

Eminence is proud to announce the addition of the Global Standard Series of loudspeakers to their international catalog. Descended from legendary original manufacturer (OEM) designs for professional audio and musical instrument applications, the Global Standard Series combines premium quality and high performance at an affordable price.

For fifty-five years, Eminence has specialized in custom engineering and manufacturing loudspeakers while delivering quality, value, and performance for the world’s most revered professional audio and musical instrument brands: The Global Standard Series continues this legacy.

Engineered in the USA by Eminence and crafted to easily be incorporated into OEM products or used as replacements in the repair and refurbishing market, the Global Standard Series of professional audio loudspeakers are expertly manufactured and competitively priced. Influenced by proven speaker designs, the Global Standard Series offers options for guitar, bass, and professional audio applications as well as custom solutions.

Currently available to international distributors and OEMs and coming soon to the USA, Eminence’s Global Standard Series provides a cost-effective solution in a challenging global economy. A branded product from a company trusted to deliver quality and performance at a competitive price.

About Eminence

Founded in 1966, Eminence Speaker, LLC is privately held and based in Eminence, Kentucky, USA. Eminence currently distributes speakers worldwide to over 90 countries. With manufacturing facilities in Eminence, KY and Dongguan, China, Eminence produces speakers for guitar, bass, car audio, home and commercial installations as well as pro audio including the Tour Grade Series featuring a best in class 21” sub-woofer.

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