Embrace PleasureMore’s “I Can’t Tell Ya”

Embrace PleasureMore’s “I Can’t Tell Ya”

CINCINNATI, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TBUniversalGroup LLC; an independent record label headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio has managed to enjoy a new milestone with R&B/Soul recording artist PleasureMore. Label owner Clark A Thomas dba Thomas Brothers Entertainment Group has resonated with their audience across the world creating buzz with PleasureMore song “I Can’t Tell Ya” the single has 1.36M streams across the US and over 2.67M streams worldwide on the SoundCloud platform. As an independent artist PleasureMore has found a global audience.

The Thomas Brothers are an R&B/Soul group from Dayton, Ohio who has emerged on today’s’ musical landscape with their own label, publishing and music production company.

With the commercial success of PleasureMore debut cover song “Break Up to Make Up”; this has been a dream come true to be in an industry that has been part of our lives for over the last 45 years. My brothers Art Thomas Jr. founder and Mark Thomas pka PleasureMore started at a very young age dancing and performing back in the late 60’s. Throughout the mid 70’s a band was formed and we had several different names changes including: “The Soul Explosion, Horizon performing locally and regionally throughout the Midwest, Northern and South regions of the country. In the early 80’s the name changed to “New Horizons” which resulted in 2 albums on Columbia Records produced by Roger Troutman in 1983 & 1984. He also toured the world playing drums for Roger Troutman and Zapp. PleasureMore has been featured in Indie publications, blogs and heard on internet radio stations including but not limited to: Airplay Magazine, ArtistRack, BSoulRadioLive JustChat Wit Bri Radio Show, Bring Back Soul Music, Indie Network Radio, NetRadio by Satellite, Magic Music Magazine, Music Hit Box, Music USA Today, Premiere One, and Radio Indie International Network to name a few.

The foundation is rich with such talented musicians and bands from Dayton, Ohio; the Ohio Players, Roger Troutman, Lakeside and Slave to name a few. To please the musical appetite of listeners’ all over the world has been something we always wanted to do. To navigate and to understand the challenges of the industry, the do’s and don’ts have been both gratifying and rewarding. The music industry as a whole is one tough nut to crack. As a music production company our goal has always been to make people happy, smile, and to entertain those who would take time to listen to what we have to say through song and spoken words. To be part of a rich heritage; the Thomas Brothers’ are holding the torch blazing ahead with true R&B soul for music lovers around the world. For bookings, interviews, partners or sponsorship considerations contact TBUniversalGroup LLC at 937-305-0301.

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