Elyana is cancer free, the 11 -year struggle was successful

Elyana is cancer free, the 11 -year struggle was successful

SINGER Elyana shared the good news when the stage four lymphoma cancer she had been suffering from for 11 years was gone.

Through the Instagram social site, Elyana, real name Erneelya Elyana Emrizal, 34, uploaded a photo and video of her body scan with the doctor for public viewing.

According to Elyana, she is grateful when her struggle and anticipation against the disease succeed

“Today I want to share my happiness and gratitude with you all. My struggle and waiting for 11 years was successful !!!! My cancer is gone !!!!

“Alhamdulillah O Allah, thank you O Allah, you have heard our prayers.

“I can’t describe how happy I am. For too long I can’t feel happy to have a healthy body. I love you Allah, ”wrote Elyana in the caption.

Meanwhile in the comments section, many celebrity friends and virtual citizens celebrated the good news with prayers and words of encouragement.

There are also many who want the singer of the song Niat to continue to be an inspiration for cancer fighters to fight the disease.

“Allahuakbar, thank God, I’m so happy for you brother,” wrote Datuk Aznil Nawawi.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the prayers of you and all Malaysians. Let’s all pray for Elyana to the fullest, ”said a virtual citizen.

To date, the partnership has received nearly 21,000 likes from its followers.

Around December 2020, Elyana informed that the cancer had invaded and spread to several organs of her body such as the uterus, liver and groin.

Elyana made the revelation about stage four lymphoma cancer after being knocked out in the fifth week of the reality show, Gegar Vaganza season four (GV4) in 2017.


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