Elfira Loy’s son had a lung infection

Elfira Loy’s son had a lung infection

Which mother does not worry about her child when she is afflicted with a prolonged illness.

For the actress, Elfira Loy, it is a relief for her when her son’s problem of frequent fever, cough, flu that his son went through is finally answered when the doctor finally confirmed that his son has a bacterial infection in the lungs or pneumonia .

After undergoing several treatments, her son’s problem was finally discovered.

In fact, through her Instagram, recently, Elfira who is now pregnant with her second child shared the story of the cute Muhamad Rayyan Khalaf.

“The day that mommy is looking forward to, finally answered after a looooong on-off sick period.

“Today, mommy was moved to come to see Dr even though it was like a cold and a cough. So, we went to Andorra for rtk, a new clear test for xray.

“The result came in, with infections at both lungs. There is phlegm, Dr said it is the season for kids to get pneumonia. Ward is also full, “he said again.

Even so, Elfira said, she was grateful when Rayyan did not have a fever and was allowed to rest at home with some follow -up treatment to relieve Rayyan.

In fact, according to Elfira, she was moved to receive treatment in several different places to receive views and advice from different experts to find out her son’s problems.

And that’s what he did to relieve Rayyan’s health problems.

“So, since Rayyan doesn’t have a fever, he can return the monitor to his house 2 times Neb near the emergency ward earlier. Hopefully it will continue to be healthy.

“P/s: this is not the first time we went for a checkup. I went to the hospital and clinic recently ”. Luckily, Dr. Kat is here to do an x ​​-ray.

“So we found out lung infections. Otherwise, it’s like the flu and cough. Mommy does have trust issues with which hospital & clinic to go to.

“So mommies , if you dont feel good about your babies, just keep trying and go to different places.

“Hope you get well soon baby mommy ❤️,” he wrote again.

Hope Rayyan recovers quickly to be happy as always.

Elfira and her husband, Faris Khairol Anwar got married in January 2019.

The couple is blessed with a bright eye, Muhamad Rayyan Khalaf who is now three years old and now Elfira is also waiting for the birth of her second child.

-Pa and Ma

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