Electron, A Metal Wake Up Call

Electron, A Metal Wake Up Call

Electron in London

LONDON, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metal has a longevity that no other form of contemporary music can claim to compete with. From the moment Ozzy Osbourne took up the microphone, Jimmy Page smashed out ‘Good Times Bad Times’, or when Jim Marshall tweaked a valve in a 1959 Plexi Amplifier, heavy metal was born, inspiring generations of fans to pick up the guitar and jump around like bedroom rockstars pretending to play. Most people give up realising they’ll never compete with Steve Vai, however one kid in a blue moon gets out the bedroom and on to a stage as if they’d sold their soul to the devil, like Robert Johnson, lord of the Delta blues….Welcome a new breed of metal band in ELECTRON. Lead guitarist and vocalist Jason Payne started as a similar youth, studying classical guitar and vocals at the Conservatoire in Portugal, finishing at BIMM (British Institute of Modern Music) in London, alongside fellow bandmates Nuno Bessa (Drums) and Joanna Hyde (Bass).

Music is a notoriously complex eco-system to navigate alone. 21-year-old, flying-V guitar wielding virtuoso Jason, knowing only his record collection as reference, embarked on making his own album, his own way. By combining Nuno Bessa’s powerful drumming and Joanna Hyde’s ‘White Zombie’ style bass, ELECTRON have created ‘a broadside cannon blast of furious power metal’. They have purposely modelled their style of music after the ‘real’ metal band influences of the eighties and early nineties. Hints of early Metallica, Judas Priest and Guns ‘n Roses are mixed with the more intellectual side of grunge superstars like Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.Now managed by rock music specialists American Artiste / Worldsound internationally, ELECTRON headed for the creme-de-la-creme of recording studios in London, settling on RAK to start the album. RAK, needs no introduction having spawned super hits and crucial records for Radiohead, Bowie and Michael Jackson.

Being in the same studio (Studio 3) that created Royal Blood and The Bends added to the magic. Subsequently, the band were invited to record in Marshall Amplification’s brand new £3M studio. Here, a classic Neve console that once performed duties for the Rolling Stones provided a rich and lush canvas for ELECTRON to experiment with the many varied amplifiers in Marshall’s museum to complete their whole album.Videos will follow each release. The 2nd single ‘March Of Death’ is due out in December 2022 with the album following closely in early 2023.

ELECTRON’s Debut Single ‘Wake Up!’ from the forthcoming album of the same title is due out on the 21st October 2022 via Worldsound American Artiste and distributed globally by Virgin Music Group.

ELECTRON’s Debut Show is on the 22nd October 2022 at 229 Great Portland Street, London and everyone is invited.

Media Contact:
Adam Mills
+44 7720 893847
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