Electric Guitar Review Launched For 2021

Electric Guitar Review Launched For 2021

Gold Media & Events have announced its 6th digital offering, Electric Guitar Review with immediate effect.

Online publishers of Music Instrument News, Acoustic Review, Bass Guitar Review, Drummer’s Review and Keys Review (launched December 2020) has added its latest offering to champion all things electric guitar related and associated products with Electric Guitar Review.

2020 has certainly been a tough year for MI, but certain sectors and individual instrument sales have seen growth whilst musicians take time to be creative and adapt in anyway they can, along with newcomers wishing to learn an instrument, having made a primary instrument purchase.

Digital trends have been experienced throughout the past 12 months, with not only sales of products, but with the increase in consumption for online content, which is why Gold Media states its continued investment in increasing online content.

Publisher Neil Golding says, “naturally we are thrilled to offer another service to the MI trade and consumers alike. Things are never easy and we too have experienced challenges throughout the pandemic and I would like to thank the trade that we have spoken with for sharing their woes too. Hurdles have been overcome, time will lead no doubt to the bounce back of live music and events in abundance, but listening to colleagues, you quickly learn you are not alone, and in that, it brings some comfort.”

“Electric Guitar Review, like all our other consumer reviews sites will provide free and impartial product reviews and news to their individual consumer audiences and for those that have launched new products at virtual NAMM or directly, please be sure to send us your latest news for us to share.”

“Review products are being arranged and sourced for all our review platforms for the year ahead, so whether it’s days or weeks away, or in a few months from now, brand owners, builders and distributors are encouraged to get in touch. Every message that we share or review we publish lends itself to the possibility of a sale, and in this testing times, sales mean survival.”

Jas products demonstrator, for Electric Guitar Review and winner of Guitarist Of The Year, and Ben Morgan-Brown, seasoned presenter on sister site Acoustic Review are planning out the months ahead for product reviews. For further information contact Gold Media & Events on +44(0) 1271 614081. Or email the publisher [email protected]

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