eKelas: The learning experience is more interactive, fun

eKelas: The learning experience is more interactive, fun

ADVANCED technology today has a significant impact on the country’s education sector.

The proof is that all teaching and learning (PdP) processes that have to be done online can continue to run even when the COVID-19 pandemic hits the whole world.

Not only that, technology also plays a big role in improving the mindset, skills and infrastructure of educators and students.

Thus, aware of the current speed of the digital landscape, the telecommunications company, Maxis continues to take steps forward by providing the best learning experience for all students in the country.

This after-school digital learning initiative offers a fun way to learn through providing free access to quality educational content in line with the Malaysian Curriculum as well as engaging learning activities.

It provides more than 3,000 learning contents for core subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science for Year 4 to Form 5 students.

Starting this year, eKelas also offers support for Malay and History subjects for fourth and fifth form students.

Through this digital hub, it allows students and teachers to flexibly access digital content on the eKelas portal or application version while encouraging parents to observe and follow the progress of their children’s eKelas activities for learning anywhere.

The eKelas portal has more than 3,000 notes and bite-sized video worksheets, seminar videos, as well as 10,000+ eBooks and 500 audiobooks through collaboration with the National Library of Malaysia (PNM).

It includes learning review videos, exam notes, reading materials and live coaching sessions with experienced teachers and community manager, Abang Portal.

Students can also participate in the Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition to strengthen coding knowledge , creative thinking and design skills and the HIP StoryFest eKelas English competition to hone speaking and essay writing skills.

Whereas for students who achieve improvement in their exams and meet the set criteria, they have the opportunity to apply for the Gemilang Award.

Through the Highly Immersive Program (HIP) initiative, Maxis continues to be committed to encouraging students to learn, practice and strengthen English language proficiency.

Students will be given guidance and sharing of essay writing techniques as well as tips to develop confidence to speak in English.

In addition, students can also learn and revise through bite-sized videos and live workshops with experts and experienced teachers.

Therefore, from May 30 to August 31, Maxis has collaborated with the Sports, Co-Curriculum and Arts Division (BSKK) of the Ministry of Education (KPM) to bring the HIP StoryFest eKelas competition for the fourth time which involves four main types of activities, namely storytelling, poetry, pronunciation public and essay writing.

Students will be guided to write, tell stories and rhyme in English by KL Shakespeare Players and GuruLab throughout the competition.
It also unearths talents in primary and secondary schools throughout Malaysia and offers attractive prizes.

This competition also allows students to participate in storytelling and writing workshops in addition to receiving a certificate for filling in co-curricular marks.

What did they say?

Student of SMK Bukit Assek in Sibu, Sarawak, Dayangku Siti Nur Khairunnisa Awang Hamdany said, the eKelas portal provides teaching materials that are very helpful in launching the learning process.

“eKelas facilitates my learning because in my spare time I will answer quizzes from the portal brother.

“In addition, the notes given are very easy to understand. Apart from that, eKelas really interested me in learning,” he said.

In the meantime, another student at SMK (A) Dato’ Ismail, Kelantan, Hamizan Mazlan shared that eKelas helped him a lot in his studies, especially since he goes to school in a rural area.

“In this eKelas portal there are many learning notes and videos according to subjects such as English , Mathematics and Science. It is taught by very experienced teachers. eKelas can also reduce my cost and time to buy notebooks.

“The videos and notes in the eKelas portal can be viewed at any time and wherever we are. In addition to notes and videos, e-classes also create HIP English learning programs, quizzes from portal brother, live tutorials and many other interesting programs,” he said.

Meanwhile, a teacher at SMK Bukit Gading, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Tricia Lim Chuk Pin thinks that the HIP StoryFest competition can highlight the talents of her students, and even form dedicated individuals.

“The HIP StoryFest competition is great. With eKelas, my students were not only able to discover their talents, but two of them managed to win this competition.

“They did the task themselves and I am very proud of their achievements because they followed the guidelines, learned from the modules, videos and tips given in the competition,” he explained.

Obviously, this Maxis successful initiative provides an opportunity for all students to experience a more interactive and interesting digital learning experience.

Now, the eKelas application can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. For more information about eKelas, the public can visit www.ekelas.com.my .

source – Ehsan A Marisah


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