‘Edward Scissorhands’ house for sale … Johnny Depp fans will be excited!

‘Edward Scissorhands’ house for sale … Johnny Depp fans will be excited!

IF you’re a hardcore fan of Tim Burton’s cinematographic world, maybe this is something reminiscent of nostalgia. More than that, this may be an opportunity to host one of the iconic properties.

The real estate sales website Realtor.com lists the home that was the setting for the filming of the Edward Scissorhands movie , priced at US $ 699,900 (RM2.94 million).

Offering three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage for two vehicles, the 1,432 -square -foot home is expected to spark excitement for fans of the 1990 film – especially when remembering its main character played by a versatile actor, Johnny Depp.

Located in Lutz, Florida, the house really exists! It is currently owned by a couple who have made it a special museum for the legendary film . Local media reported, fans could previously visit it for free.

In the film, the house is featured as the residence of the Boggs family, who have invited Edward Scissorhands to live together.

Anyone who buys the house will also receive a series of photos of memories during the filming, as allowed by the production company, in addition to paper puppets produced by the popular character.

The owner has even redesigned the page to match the look of the landscape as seen in the film. The property buyer will also receive all the cinematographic memorabilia related to the film.

In September 2020, the house was bought for US $ 230,000 (RM965,000).

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