Edutech Company CAKE to Publish ‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE’

Edutech Company CAKE to Publish ‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE’

New book to provide official translation, background and meaning behind the lyrics of the most popular BTS songs for fans around the world

‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE’ will contain various examples of Korean expressions used in BTS songs and band’s social media posts to increase interest in learning Korean

CAKE to also launch various educational materials using K-pop IP through a mobile app this year

SEONGNAM, South Korea, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Language learning edutech company CAKE — a subsidiary of SNOW, which is an affiliate of NAVER Corp. — announced today the publication of a Korean language textbook, ‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE.’ The new book features BTS intellectual property (IP) and will be published both in English and Japanese. This is the first K-pop IP-based educational content to be introduced since the merger of CAKE and HYBE EDU in March.

Through ‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE’ — which includes the translation of BTS song lyrics, members’ interviews on music, behind-the-scenes stories and the band’s social media posts — users can better understand BTS’s vision through the meaning of their songs and messages. By teaching examples of how the Korean lyrics can be used in real-life conversations as well as various lyrics’ meanings, people who want to learn Korean and fans of BTS can better understand and enjoy the meaning of BTS songs. This way, CAKE expects users can learn Korean more easily through entertaining content.

In order to make the Korean-learning process more entertaining, CAKE selected songs to include in the book by surveying around 350,000 BTS fans around the world for two years since 2020. Based on the analysis of BTS concert setlists from 2018 to 2022, CAKE arranged the book’s content to follow the order the songs were played at actual concerts for fans to enjoy the learning process even more.

“We will continue to develop and provide Korean learning content, utilizing BTS intellectual property that HYBE EDU has been offering since ‘Learn! KOREAN with BTS,'” said a CAKE representative. “We will help fans who first came to know Korean through BTS to learn the language more easily and in a more entertaining way. Through the songs, we also believe fans will understand BTS music on a deeper level.”

A teaser video for ‘BTS LYRICS INSIDE’ can be seen on the official YouTube channel of the global fan community platform Weverse. Also, a recipe book using BTS IP will be published in July.

About SNOW

SNOW, an affiliate of NAVER Corporation, is creating a new market as an innovative venture builder, aiming for the global stage. CAKE is a language learning mobile app operated by CAKE Corporation, a subsidiary of SNOW. In March 2022, CAKE Corporation acquired HYBE EDU, a subsidiary of HYBE, and announced its entry into the Korean education content market.

SOURCE – Naver Corporation

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