Edible® Launches Sixth Music Collection In Partnership With 80’s Icon Air Supply

Edible® Launches Sixth Music Collection In Partnership With 80’s Icon Air Supply

Edible® Launches Sixth Music Collection In Partnership With 80’s Icon Air Supply & Debuts Its First Ever Rose Bouquets

ATLANTA, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Edible® gears up for its busiest holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day with a sweet announcement. The beloved brand is enhancing its FruitFlowers® and Edible Music™ offerings with the launch of rose flower bouquets and a partnership with one of the top bands from the 80’s, Air Supply.

Edible® is constantly innovating to provide its guests with an unmatched gifting category for every holiday – big or small. Valentine’s Day is no exception as the brand taps into one of the top ways to show people love with its rose flower bouquets, made possible thanks to Edible’s® partnership with the number one producer of roses in the world which is located in Ecuador, and not to mention the featured artists on the brand’s sixth Edible Music™ album, multi-platinum record holders, Air Supply.

“We are super excited to announce our latest additions to our ever-evolving product line,” Cheikh Mboup, President and COO of Edible®. “Our founder, Tariq Farid, started his career in the floral industry with his very own flower shop. Now, as we go back to our brand’s original roots, before Edible® was the world’s leading gift and treat provider, it was a flower shop with a purpose. Coinciding with our expansion of FruitFlowers®, we are thrilled to be partnering with the iconic band Air Supply. The band’s lineup of rock hits will be a great addition to our Edible Music™ collection and will no doubt be a welcomed gift purchase this Valentine’s Day.”

Edible Music™ is partnering with Australian sensations, multi-platinum record holders, and ARIA Hall of Fame members Air Supply. Available now through Valentine’s Day, you can purchase or gift an exclusive digital download of Air Supply’s new album, Love Letters here before it’s available to the general public. This album is special to Edible® because not only was Air Supply named the top band of the 80’s, but the band offers great tunes for all ages making them the perfect “cross generational” music for Edible’s® guests to enjoy.

“We are honored to partner with Edible Arrangements this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love, which resonates strongly with our music and fans. We couldn’t imagine a better partner and platform for Love Letters, our live album and virtual concert experience.” – Graham Russell (singer/guitarist).

In addition to a wide variety of music genres, Edible’s® FruitFlowers™ collection allows you to take a gift for your sweetheart to the next level. The rose bouquets are unique and suitable for every occasion. Edible® will now offer a dozen roses bouquet filled with red, hot pink, lavender/light pink, and white roses.


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