Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Snare Drum Review

Here’s a review from our sister-site Drummer’s Review of an Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium snare drum, featuring…

14″ x 7″ Seamless Aluminium Shell (1/8″ thick),
45-degree bearing edges top & bottom,
Unique patina finish,
Leather-backed Ebenor badge,
10 x black brass tube lugs,
Trick GS007 snare throw off & butt plate,
2.3mm triple flanged steel hoops,
Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot batter / Evans Snare Side 300 heads,
PureSound 20-strand Twisted Series snare wires,
Protection Racket case included.

Ebenor says…”Being a creator of sound requires time and a lot of work. More than a year ago with my team of collaborators, I had the idea to make sound tests with aluminum. We were very surprised by the ” heavy ” sound. Like the LM 402 snare that Bonham used!

It is with great pleasure that I present you the news: ‘ ‘ Heavy feather collection ‘ ‘

It is important for me to be consistent and especially in the name of a new collection. That’s why I decided to use ” feather ” (feather) for the lightness of the aluminum and to make a contrast with the heavy sound that produces this little beast!”

Find out the team’s thoughts in the video above!!

Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium Snare Drum – UK RRP: £650.00


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