Peavey Release New VYPYR® X Guitar Modelling Amplifiers

Peavey Release New VYPYR® X Guitar Modelling Amplifiers

Peavey Electronics once again redefines the guitar modelling amplifier category with the release of the latest evolution in their ground-breaking VYPYR series – the VYPYR® X.

Available in three new models, Peavey VYPYR X amplifiers feature updated styling, enhanced acoustic performance and improved TransTube® analogue/digital hybrid technology. Each VYPYR X amplifier comes fully loaded with a huge selection of built-in amps, effects and features – offering players an unparalleled level of choice and value.

Thanks to Peavey’s TransTube® technology designed to emulate real tubes, players can enjoy greater volume, authentic analogue distortion, and excellent EQ capabilities – guaranteeing the VYPYR X is sure to cut through the mix in live settings.

With the VYPYR X’s revolutionary cabinet design and world class processing, players can switch from electric guitar to bass or acoustic guitar seamlessly, meaning one VYPYR® X covers all performance requirements.

VYPYR X amps are packed with 36 on-board amp models, including 6 acoustic and 6 bass amp models, 10 instrument models and 26 on-board amp effects – all accessible and operational from the front of the amp without the need for any external software support. Purchased individually the amps and effects in VYPYR X series amplifiers could cost well over $50,000. Furthermore, Peavey’s WYSIWYG interface allows users to identify the position of the control knobs by simply looking at the amplifier, meaning – unlike many modelling amplifiers – the position of the knob fully corresponds to the actual setting. LED lights situated around the control knobs give users a clear indication of what settings they’re running on the amp at any given time.

On-board Bluetooth® allows VYPYR X2 and X3 models to be controlled remotely via Peavey’s exclusive VYPYR control app for iOS devices. Users can effortlessly change and store favourite presets remotely, play along to their favourite backing tracks, or just sit back and enjoy streaming music through the amplifier.

Additionally, VYPYR X amps are lightweight and portable, feature a custom cabinet design for enhanced low-end response, an on-board looper with optional Sanpera™ footswitch, a semi-open back design for enhanced volume and tone and a headphone jack for quiet practice at home.

Peavey VYPYR X amplifiers are available to order now from exclusive UK distributors Barnes & Mullins in three models: VYPYR X1 – 20 Watts RMS (SRP £229.00), VYPYR X2 – 40 Watts RMS (SRP £302.00), and VYPYR X3 – 100 Watts RMS (SRP £399.00).

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