E-commerce users in Southeast Asia are expected to increase to 413 million in 2025

E-commerce users in Southeast Asia are expected to increase to 413 million in 2025

SINGAPORE: The number of e-commerce users in the Southeast Asian region is expected to increase to 413 million in 2025 with an increase of six percent at this point.

In a research report conducted by the electronic trading service market platform (e-commerce), Lazada, the increase from 57 percent to 63 percent will further strengthen the platform as a new search engine.

The research report on buyer habits in Southeast Asia also explained that the rest still use existing search engines and social media to find and make their purchases.

According to Lazada Group Chief Executive Officer, James Dong, these consumer habits and mindsets will further encourage the growth of the e-commerce platform with various options and offers.

“This change in habits and thinking has been seen more and more clearly over the past two years, which gives consumers the opportunity to find quality, original goods and a good experience.

“To achieve sustainable, long-lasting growth, we are committed to ensuring a good user experience including introducing new and user-friendly features,” he said when speaking at the Lazada Brands Future Forum (BFF) 2022 at Resort World Sentosa, here. on Thursday.

The study was conducted on 38,138 e-commerce users in six Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Dong is also confident that consumers will continue to use e-commerce platforms to make purchases, where the report states that eight out of 10 consumers continue to purchase online because it is easy and comfortable with attractive offers by e-commerce platforms.

This change in habits, he said, drives the importance of e-commerce marketing solutions and business digitization to remain resilient and relevant in the market.

It requires steps and strategies to help facilitate the search and purchase of goods on the Lazada platform.

He said, of course, traders and brands will also benefit from this platform.

“And merchants and brands also have the opportunity to grow their business with Lazada and connect with good potential buyers.
“By creating an open ecosystem through collaboration with business partners such as retail, logistics and payment, it helps brands, sellers to expand business in the digital world,” he explained.

Lazada has now reached the age of 10 and is strengthening its market in six countries in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam

source – Hafizi Rosli


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