Drummer’s Review – Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium Shell Pack

Drummer’s Review – Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium Shell Pack

The team at our sister-site Drummer’s Review recently took a look at an Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium shell pack, featuring…

8″ x 6.5″ Rack Tom,
10″ x 7″ Rack Tom,
12″ x 8″ Rack Tom,
14″ x 14″ Floor Tom,
16″ x 16″ Floor Tom,
24″ x 14″ Bass Drum,
Cold-rolled, welded 2mm Aluminium shells,
Unique oxidised patina finish,
45˚ bearing edges top & bottom,
Evans G2 Coated (batter) & G1 Coated (resonant) heads,
Leather backed badges,
Brass tube lugs,
5mm straight edge bronze hoops.

Ebenor Says…“We are proud to present an instrument that stands out from the crowd. Here is the Heavy Feather Collection in aluminium version ”KIT”.

* Welded cold rolled aluminium drums

* Unique oxidised finish

*It sounds fat, hot, very punchy and a lot of dynamics. Very surprising!

Our snare drum version has proven itself for more than a year. We’re really not worried that the “kit” version will do the same !”

Find out Matt & Nick’s thoughts in the video above!!

Ebenor Heavy Feather Aluminium Shell Pack – UK RRP: £4175.00



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source – Music Instrument News


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