Dreams of a holiday to Krabi melted away, cheated by the travel company

Dreams of a holiday to Krabi melted away, cheated by the travel company

Each participant was charged a fee of RM900 to participate in the holiday package for the five days involved.

SEREMBAN : The excitement of 40 individuals to go on holiday to Krabi, Thailand was stunted when they were cheated by a travel agency which resulted in a loss of more than RM30,000.

Participant of the group Kartini Arshad, 58, said that the matter only came to their attention at 4pm on Wednesday when a woman who dealt with the travel company employee informed them that there was a problem with the bus they would be boarding later.

“We were supposed to board the bus from Seremban to the Thai border at 6pm and everyone was already ready because some came from Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Batu Pahat.

“But we were told that the bus we were going to board in Krabi on Friday was involved in an accident. We didn’t believe it and forced the company to use a bus from Malaysia for our trip there,” he told Sinar Harian on Wednesday.

However, she said, until 8pm no bus came and the travel company’s employees could no longer be contacted.

She who managed the 25 participants in the group said that each participant was charged RM900 to participate in the five-day vacation package.

She said, they made a reservation in July last year and have made three payments by being managed by a woman in charge of dealing with the travel company’s employees.

“When the time came, I didn’t expect it to be like this. I was also in the wrong because I was the one managing 25 participants consisting of friends and family.

“We have contacted the CEO of the travel company, but unfortunately he gave the excuse of not being responsible because he did not receive money from the employees who managed the travel trip,” she said.

Meanwhile, housewife Najihah Rosli, 25, said she did not expect her and her husband’s first attempt to go on holiday using the services of a travel company to be a bitter experience.

“My husband and I started to doubt when we were told that the bus could not come because it was involved in an accident.

“I feel upset because this is the first time we want to go to Krabi. But it seems we can’t make it,” she said who came from Melaka.

Not satisfied with being victims of tourism scams, some of them filed a police report on Wednesday.


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