Don’t like Elon Musk’s way, this is a line of celebrities saying ‘bye’ to Twitter

Don’t like Elon Musk’s way, this is a line of celebrities saying ‘bye’ to Twitter

LOS ANGELES: Billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of social media giant Twitter has created a stir in the social media world.

These include his decision to impose a monthly charge of US$8 (RM37.67) for ‘blue tick’ accounts , mass layoffs by reducing the workforce by 50 percent and other decisions that have left the platform in disarray.

Musk, as the richest man in the world, regularly uses his official account, sending messages on Twitter that leave users ‘confused’. Even his purchase of the social media platform made many people no longer interested in Twitter, including some celebrities who chose to leave the platform.

Whoopi Goldberg
Famous host, Whoopi Goldberg announced her decision to stop using Twitter. This was shared on ABC’s ‘The View’ show. Variety reports . The 66-year-old host said Twitter was described as ‘disorganized’. However, Goldberg said she is ready to come back if everything is settled and starts to feel comfortable.

Amber Heard
Ex-girlfriend, Elon Musk, actress Amber Heard also followed in the same footsteps. A Twitter user ‘The Umbrella Guy’ took a screenshot of Heard’s Twitter profile which read ‘This account does not exist’. Heard, who recently lost a defamation lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, had a year-long relationship with Musk between 2016 and 2017 before splitting. The couple reunited in 2018 but then broke up after failing to save their relationship.

Gigi Hadid
Model Gigi Hadid deactivated her Twitter account after Musk took over Twitter. In her Instagram story, the 27-year-old model took to Twitter to describe her new leadership as a ‘scum of hate and bigotry’. Reported CBS , she does not want to be part of Twitter users despite connecting with many fans on the platform.

Toni Braxton
R&B singer Toni Braxton also decided to quit the microblogging site after Musk took over Twitter. “I am appalled at some of the “free speech” I have seen on this platform since its takeover. Hate speech behind the veil of “free speech” is unacceptable. Therefore, Braxton chose not to use Twitter because it is no longer a safe space for her, child -children and other users.

Shonda Rhimes
Screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes also stopped making tweets since Musk bought Twitter for US$44 billion (RM191.44 billion). “Not interested in being here for whatever Elon is planning. Bye,” she wrote.

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