Disappointed at being called inferno, Teacher Ery’s expression in ‘Maaf Tuhan Aku Tersalah Langkah’

Disappointed at being called inferno, Teacher Ery’s expression in ‘Maaf Tuhan Aku Tersalah Langkah’

“MOST impressed in my heart, I was once called hell because I belong to this kind of group, it’s like I don’t deserve to go to heaven,” said the popular influencer who is also Nyah’s former mother, Teacher Ery.

Cikgu Ery or his real name Mohd Khariri Mohamad Ramli admits that he once felt humiliated by the title which made him despair to change into a real man.

Sharing his story throughout the 12 years he left the world, all the stories he faced were poured out in a book called ‘Maaf Tuhan Aku Tersalah Langkah’.

“The work that I tell in this book was written a long time ago based on my past experience as a mother. Thank God, finally this book can be published as well.

“This book is not only published for people like me, it is also for those who want to change, no matter who they are. It’s not just mothers or addicts who want to change, but everyone including the community out there,” he said.

Cikgu Ery added, many people want to change back to the base of the road but their efforts are not supported and are even thrown with hurtful words.

“Due to the same problem faced, I published a book covering all aspects including sharing with the community on how to treat and preach to people like me or anyone who has a past story.

“I don’t really intend to show off but just share my own experience. I still remember, in the process of wanting to change, I received negative words.

“I have a dream that my quotations in this book will be well received so that the da’wah efforts can be widely spread to the community of various groups,” he said.

According to Ms. Ery again, the forcing method is not the right way to educate someone to be better.

“I try to educate the community through books because some people out there want people like me to change but in a forceful and hard way. When you go to the mosque, you start to look at them strangely when they also have a desire to learn more about religion.

“I hope this book, which costs only RM25, can open the eyes of the community out there. This book can be bought directly from me because so far it is not sold in the market. For now, we are publishing 200 copies for the first edition.

“Alhamdulillah, the response I received was very good and so far I have received 100 pre-orders,” he added.

source -wilayahku


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